Dr. Schultz at Schultz Family Dentistry is dedicated to assisting patients of all ages in regaining attractive and comprehensive smiles. Our dentures can restore chewing and talking abilities while seeming extremely natural. Partial dentures look and feel like their natural teeth, blending in to help patients feel more at ease in every setting. Continue reading to learn about some of the incredible advantages that dentures in Fenton, MI, can provide.

What Are Dentures?

There are several alternatives for persons who have lost one or more teeth when it comes to smile restoration. Dentures are often the greatest option for individuals who lose multiple teeth or all of them. Artificial teeth that appear like real teeth are used to replace missing teeth. They may be molded or formed to replicate the form and size of lost teeth, and they include a pink, upper section that looks exactly like any receded gum tissues.

A secure, comfy fit should be obtainable when dentures are inserted. Dentures are not permanently attached to the mouth in the same manner as dental bridges or implant dentistry. When patients want to take a break from them, they can simply remove them and clean them.

Dentures Can Improve Health

Many individuals who have lost their teeth find that they are unable to enjoy a variety of favorite foods. Some of the most difficult foods to chew after tooth loss are those that are good for you. You can eat juicy, crunchy veggies, nuts and seeds, and other nutritious foods with high-quality dentures. Many individuals who have lost many of their teeth have far fewer digestive issues after getting dentures because they can chew thoroughly before swallowing.

Why Dentures in Fenton Is the Best Choice for You

Dental dentures are a quick solution for tooth loss. These procedures are ideal for individuals who wish to improve their lives by reversing the effects of severe tooth decay or gum disease on their teeth. Patients who have lost teeth owing to extreme tooth decay or gum disease frequently report that dental dentures are the most needs-specific treatment.

Dentures in Fenton, unlike dental bridges and dental implants, do not require patients to have existing teeth to serve as supports or strong and unimpaired underlying bone structures. Even if the bones supporting your teeth have deteriorated, you may obtain a high-quality, attractive pair of dentures that are durable, comfortable, and functional.

Quality Dentures in Fenton, MI

Dental dentures in Fenton may be a huge step forward in terms of appearance, function, and confidence. You'll be able to chew more effectively, speak more clearly, and feel better about how you look at every stop along the way with a partial or full set of dentures. Call today for a consultation and get your smile back!