Have you just woken up in the middle of the night with an excruciating toothache? Did you crack a tooth after getting hit in the mouth with a baseball at an Eagles game? Or did your crown fall out when you were eating your grandmother’s famous homemade toffee?

Where can you find an emergency dentist in Byron, MI? Schultz Family Dentistry is there for you whenever you have a dental emergency.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any dental problem that needs immediate treatment to ease severe pain, save a tooth, or stop bleeding. Some examples of common dental emergencies are:


A dental abscess is a build-up of pus caused by an infection and often requires emergency treatment.

Broken Braces

Broken wires and brackets in your braces may cut the inside of your mouth and require immediate care.

Damaged Crowns

A damaged crown leaves the underlying tooth and root exposed and may cause soreness and pain.

Lost or Loose Fillings

Damaged or lost fillings can further injure the unprotected tooth if left untreated. If your broken or missing filling is causing severe pain, you should treat it as a dental emergency.


Severe, sharp, and throbbing pain and pressure is often the first sign of an underlying dental emergency.

Tooth Injury

Broken, cracked, or chipped teeth can become further damaged or infected if neglected. If your tooth falls out, make sure to keep the tooth moist with either milk or saliva and seek emergency dental care immediately.

What Can I Do to Reduce the Chance of Having a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can’t always be avoided. But there are things we can do to reduce the chances of having to visit the emergency dentist.

  • Be careful what you put in your mouth. Stop bad habits like chewing or biting on your nails or hard objects like plastic pen caps.
  • It’s not just inedible objects that can damage your teeth. Eating ice or sticky treats can lead to problems down the road if you’re not careful.
  • If you participate in contact sports where impact or collision can occur frequently, you should wear protective mouthguards to help prevent serious injury.

When Should I Seek Emergency Dental Care?

Dental emergencies can happen anytime and require immediate attention. If you have pain, swelling, or discomfort from any of the conditions listed above, act quickly. Taking fast action will help you avoid permanent damage that could require extensive treatment later on.

Where Can I Find an Emergency Dentist Near Me?

Dental emergencies occur unexpectedly, so be prepared. Save our office number (810-735-9426) on your phone and call us at Schultz Family Dentistry in Byron, MI, whenever you need an emergency dentist. If you need emergency care after hours, you’ll be directed to leave a voicemail message, and our on-call staff will get back to you within minutes to ensure you receive emergency treatment right away.