Raising children can be hectic. Between school, homework, and activities, getting everyone the dental care they need can be challenging. Schultz Family Dentistry understands the importance of convenience for busy families. That's why we provide comprehensive and stress-free family dentistry services near Fenton, MI. Whether you're looking for preventive, restorative, or cosmetic dental services, we can take care of your whole family in one convenient location.

What Is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry focuses on providing comprehensive oral care for patients of all ages. At Schultz Family Dentistry, we are trained and experienced in caring for the dental needs of infants, children, adolescents, and adults.

What Services Do Family Dentists Offer?

Family dentistry is concerned with maintaining oral health at every stage of life. Children have very different dental needs than adults, and family dentists deliver comprehensive care for people of all ages. Schultz Family Dentistry offers a wide range of services for the entire family, including:

  • Dental exams and cleanings
  • Cavity fillings
  • Tooth extractions
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental implants
  • Invisalign

We also offer emergency dental care. Whether someone in your family has a toothache or a broken tooth, we can help.

What Are the Benefits of Family Dentistry?

Family dentists are trained to treat a wide range of dental problems and offer expert care to help keep your family's smiles healthy.

Some of the benefits of family dentistry include the following:

1. Building Lasting Relationships

The dentist-patient relationship is built on trust. When you trust your dentist, you'll be more relaxed and able to share information that will help us treat you and your family more effectively.

2. Reducing Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a common problem, especially for children. One way to help them overcome this is by taking them to a family dentist from an early age to help them overcome any fear of dentists they may have. 

3. Preventative Care

Family dentists understand that children require special care, so we take the time to teach them preventative practices that will keep their teeth healthy now and in the future.

4. The Convenience

The convenience of having a family dentist can't be overstated. By making one appointment for the whole family, you simplify your life. In addition, you don't have to take time off from work on different days to go to various appointments.

Where Can I Find Family Dentistry Near Me?

At Schultz Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible dental care for your entire family. We offer a wide range of dental services, from routine checkups and cleanings to more complex procedures. If you're looking for gentle and professional family dentistry near Fenton, MI, contact us at 810-735-9426 or complete our online form to schedule an appointment today!