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If you have a cavity or a damaged tooth, Dr. Schultz of Schultz Family Dentistry provides dental fillings in his Linden, MI, practice. Call today to set up an appointment!


What Is the Purpose for Dental Fillings?

Essentially, any time you have a dental cavity, Dr. Justin Schultz needs to remove small bits of the affected tooth to stop the spread of the decay. In so doing, a larger hole is left behind where the cavity once was. While Dr. Schultz could leave this as is, he knows that it is not wise. The hole has to be filled to prevent a new cavity from expanding in the open area created by the previous cavity drilling and removal. Therefore, Dr. Schultz uses dental fillings to fill and seal the area to prevent more cavities from forming.

What Are Tooth Fillings Made Of?

Teeth fillings are generally made from two main materials: metal amalgam and tooth-colored composite. The metal amalgam was the material of choice for several years but has now been surpassed by tooth-colored composite fillings. Our staff will discuss what the best option is for each patient and tooth.

When Does a Patient Need Dental Fillings?

Even if you have a tiny cavity that isn't really bothering you yet, your dentist may suggest removing it and filling it sooner rather than later. The purpose for this is mostly preventive; the smaller the cavity, the less tooth fillings it takes to fill it, meaning it's less expensive. You could go a while without addressing a cavity, but it's highly unusual for any cavity to shrink and vanish. Your oral and dietary habits would have to be exceptional.

Who Can Get Teeth Fillings?

Tooth fillings can be used on patients with baby teeth that have developed cavities and as old as anyone who has teeth left to restore.

Why Is It Important to Use Teeth Fillings?

As previously mentioned, fillings are restorative and protective materials. They restore the shape and function of your teeth and protect them from cavities too. To simply drill out an old cavity and leave a hole opens up your teeth and your mouth to multiple health problems.


Dental Fillings Near Me in Linden, MI

When you want to know where you can get "dental fillings near me" in Linden, MI, Schultz Family Dentistry is the place to go. We have years of experience, care, and commitment to correcting many problems with patients' teeth and restoring patients' teeth. When looking for "dental fillings near me", look no further than Schultz Family Dentistry. We are the experts on all things related to your teeth. Call today to make an appointment and have those cavities filled!

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