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Schultz Family Dentistry offers services that fit patients with dentures. These prosthetics can be a great and potentially non-invasive restoration option for people missing teeth or needing them removed.


What Are Partials?

Partial dentures are a set of prosthetic teeth attached to a frame that is pink or the color of gums. They are designed to resemble real teeth as closely as possible and are customized to fit and blend in with the wearer's natural teeth and gums.

Partials can be made in a couple of ways. They may come in a metal framework that attaches to your mouth with clasps. More recently, however, partials have become available as acrylic plates, which have attachments and may be more comfortable and natural-looking.

Partials are a great option for people who have lost a row of teeth in an accident, for example. But no matter the reason for missing teeth, partials can be appropriate as long as the remaining teeth on either side of the gap are healthy enough to bear the attachments.

What Are Complete Sets?

Someone who is missing most of their teeth or has many that are damaged may be eligible for complete dentures rather than partials. Under these circumstances, any remaining teeth would be pulled by Dr. Schultz before fitting the top and bottom plates that make up this complete prosthetic set. The bottom plate will fit closely along the bottom gums, while the top plate will cover the roof of the mouth to remain secure.

Often, adhesives are used to attach either upper or lower dentures, but sometimes implants can be used as well so they can remain firmly in place.

What Are the Benefits of Dentures Near Me?

When not using implants, these are a less-invasive option that does not require surgery. Yet, they can still repair a gap or replace missing teeth in an attractive, inconspicuous way.

You might think you know what these are like already, but they have changed significantly in recent years. Patients who have them report that they feel and look more real than they used to, and they are also more comfortable to wear.

How Do I Care for Partials or Complete Sets?

There is usually an adjustment period when getting accustomed to your replacements, but it can take only a few days. We can advise you on the ways to care for your specific restorations though one of the main changes you will need to make is re-learning to chew your food in an optimal way. You will want to chew food evenly on both sides. Using adhesives can help ensure everything stays in place.


Dentures Near Me in Linden, MI

If you have been searching for dentures near me, you are in luck! Dr. Schultz has the expertise in applying these restorations and would love to see you for a consultation if you suspect you might need them. Call our office to set up an appointment!

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