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Dental emergencies are emergencies because they happen when you least expect them and when you most need a dentist to repair a damaged tooth. At Schultz Family Dentistry, we can help.

A broken tooth, a tooth with major pain, or a tooth that is obviously about to fall out constitutes a need for an emergency dentist. When you search for "emergency dentistry near me," Dr. Justin Schultz, DDS, will be at the top because he is the best in his field and in the area. Schultz Family Dentistry in Linden, MI, is the exceptional practice for all your dental needs.


Who Provides Emergency Dentistry Services?

Schultz Family Dentistry has been the go-to emergency dentist for many families in the area for decades. We are extremely knowledgeable and skilled at what we do, and we do all we can to save your tooth and end your pain. This may include emergency root canal and dental extractions if your tooth is beyond repair or any restorative procedure we can provide. Emergency dentistry may also entail crowns or caps that can save large portions of a healthy tooth and prevent death and decay to the tooth as it heals.

When Does an Emergency Dentist Provide Service?

Saving a tooth is a time-restricted operation. The faster a patient can get to our office and receive emergency dental care the better. That is why Schultz Family Dentistry works around the clock, even when our office isn't technically open. Our staff is on call for any dental emergency your family may have, regardless of age or the type of dental emergency you're experiencing.

Why Do People Need Emergency Dentistry Services?

Accidents happen. Teeth are broken playing sports or when people get into arguments that turn physical. Teeth that are not properly cared for or a general fear and avoidance of dentists can create an emergency need for dental care. Much like other incidents in life, you can't control when and where you might need an emergency dentist. That is exactly why Schultz Family Dentistry exists; to be there for you and your family when you really need these services.

How Do Patients Alert Your Office to an Emergency Dental Need and Access Emergency Dentistry Near Me?

Call our after-hours office number. It will direct you to a voicemail that is frequently checked by our on-call staff. They will tell you to come in and where to go within minutes of receiving your emergency call. Dr. Schultz will meet you at the treatment location and get to work right away.


Emergency Dentistry Near Me in Linden, MI

When you live in or very near Linden, MI, "emergency dentistry near me" is right here in Linden. Schultz Family Dentistry is ready and waiting to treat a wide variety of dental emergencies. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, don't hesitate to call us at Schultz Family Dentistry in Linden, MI, right away!

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