Nitrous Oxide

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We understand that many of our valued patients tense up with fear at the thought of setting foot in a dentist's office. We are proud to offer sedation dentistry options to ensure you are relaxed and free of stress throughout any dental procedure. Your comfort, safety, and wellbeing are always our top priorities!


Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Our office is equipped to offer nitrous oxide to our patients who request this service. Nitrous oxide works quickly to relax patients, and the effects wear off quickly by breathing pure oxygen through a mask. Plus, nitrous oxide does not put you to sleep, so you can hear and respond to any of the dentist's questions or instructions.


Nitrous Oxide Near Me in Linden, MI

Visit Schultz Family Dentistry in Linden, MI, to learn more about our sedation dentistry options. If you are overly anxious about an upcoming dental appointment, make sure to let us know. We will do everything we can to ensure your time with us is comfortable and free of stress. Call us and schedule your appointment today!

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